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Who Is a Caregiver?

The term caregiver is used to describe anyone who provides assistance to someone else who is in some degree incapacitated and needs help. This might be a husband who has suffered a stroke, a mother with Alzheimer's disease, or a grandparent with Parkinson's. Nearly one out of every four households is involved in caregiving to person's aged 50 or over, and over 5 million unpaid family caregivers provide care for someone with dementia.

Caregiving is a challenging job. The average caregiver spends about 20 hours a week. About 20% spend over 40 hours each week providing care, with some providing constant care. About one-half of primary caregivers provide care with no outside assistance whatsoever. Add to the caregiving responsibilities, hours spent working outside the home, caring for children and other family duties, it is small wonder that many caregivers experience burnout, stress, anxiety and depression.

There Is Help

Since 1978, Care Connexxus, Inc. has provided education, counseling, and support for caregivers. Through our experience, we have designed a comprehensive array of support services designed to assist caregivers with the challenges of caregiving. Our professional staff is available to assist caregivers with timely information, practical training, referrals, counseling, and support services.

Research shows that caregivers who have social and emotional support have lower levels of depression, greater life satisfaction, and better psychological well-being than those who do not.

Caregiver Support Services

"I feel so alone... and so overwhelmed at times."

The understanding and friendship of others who know first-hand about the challenges of caregiving can relieve the stress and isolation experienced by many caregivers. Support Groups offer this and more. Care Connexxus, Inc. provides monthly support group meetings in convenient locations throughout western Riverside County during both daytime and evening hours at no charge to the caregiver. Respite care is available for most of the group attenders by previous arrangement.

"I don't know why my mother acts this way... what can I do?"

For practical advice on keeping your loved one safe – training on proper lifting and nutrition – devices to make home care easier – or referrals to needed services, Care Connexxus, Inc. professional staff are there to assist with strategies and the demands of caregiving.

"What steps should I take when I am ready to place my dad?"

Where and how to seek assistance – knowing when to take those next steps – having the information necessary to make the best choices possible. Care Connexxus, Inc. professional staff can provide the counseling, guidance, and emotional support needed to help the caregiver work through those important life decisions.

"I need some time for myself..."

Respite Care by an Adult Day Program is the next best thing to the loving care received in the home. At the Care Connexxus Centers, licensed day services offer a warm and supportive environment for disabled adults. Specialized programming is provided for participants with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Trained staff provide assistance with the activities of daily living in a caring manner that supports the dignity and independence of individuals. Respite care can be arranged for that occasional day away from caregiving responsibilities or for up to five (5) days a week of a pre-arranged adult day program. Services may be reimbursable by Medi-Cal or private insurance. Some scholarship assistance may be available for qualifying individuals.